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Features & Benefits

Easy “no tools” assembly

Enlarge or reduce to suit the event

Multiple heights – full flexibility

Fixed horizontal beams to create
     9 different shapes

i-line graphic alignment system for  
     perfect alignment if floor is not even

Graphic panels are 800 mm
     alternatively 400 mm wide

Ideal to use with semi-rigid and rigid
     graphic panels

Build in LCD screens

Easily attach tables and shelves

Perfect for shell schemes or space-
     only events

Extremely compact during transport


All ISOFrame products are produced and distributed worldwide (excluding the UK) by Mark Bric Display AB

Mark Bric Display AB, Sweden     E-mail: display@markbric.se       Phone: +46 (0)33 480 460
Mark Bric Display Corp., USA        E-mail: markbric@markbric.com    Phone: 1-800-742-6275

Due to our policy of continued development we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice. All weights are approximate and may vary  Flexi-wave system - patent pending. Multi-position base - patent pending. FASTclamp connector - patent pending. i-line system - patent pending. Stiffa-graphic - patent pending. Mark Bric Display is a registered trademark by Mark Bric Display AB, ISOframe is a registered trademark by Display Makers UK Limited. © 2011

Visitors from the UK, please contact
Display Makers UK Limited